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William Joass crest badge

Joss/Joyce Family Association

Researching the genealogy and history of the Joss family of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Created in May of 2021, the Joss/Joyce Family Association is dedicated to the genealogical and historical research of the Joss family. Highly-localized in Aberdeenshire and Banffshire, Scotland, their documented history goes back as far as the year 1609 with Laird Thomas Joise. For the descendants of Thomas Joise and his relatives, they can claim descent from many of the predominate Scottish clans. It is the mission of the Joss/Joyce Family Association to research and educate the public about Thomas Joise and the Joss family as a whole. Using the latest in Y-DNA, Big-Y 700, and autosomal testing methodologies, it is our goal to connect all Joss/Joyce descendants worldwide. By working together, not only can new traditional genealogical discoveries be uncovered, but unsolved family mysteries can finally be resolved through Joss/Joyce Y-DNA studies. 

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